We will take you to the most beautiful corners Mallorca has to offer – endless beaches, magnificent villas, luxury harbours, dreamy bays, picturesque towns and magnificent mountains. If you wish, we can accompany you to the various locations so that you can quickly and easily get an idea and come to a decision. We accompany you from the airport to the hotel and guide you to the most beautiful corners in a planned way. Your personal location scout will be available to answer your questions the whole time. We know how important location scouting can be, especially on Mallorca. Our location scouts are all fluent in Spanish and German to overcome any language barriers with finca owners, authorities and locals. Our location scouts all have many productions behind them and can tell you the pros and cons of the various locations. Our location scouts know the island from A to Z.

Locationscout Fels Mallorca

Mallorca – Location Scouting

Production management on Mallorca includes location scouting including location management, so that your film production can be coordinated without any problems and at the most beautiful locations on the island. Our location scouts know the most beautiful places on Mallorca – endless beaches, luxury harbours and dreamy bays, picturesque towns with magnificent villas and Mallorca’s landscape with its magnificent mountains and coasts. Our location scouts will accompany you to the locations on request, you will quickly get a comprehensive picture and decide on your filming locations.

Our Location Scouts’ services

Location scouting is enormously important, especially on Mallorca, so our scouts are constantly looking for new, interesting locations that have not yet appeared in every flick about the island.

We present this pre-selection to you online in advance, after you have given us the specifications of your set designer. The logistical and financial specifications of your production are also taken into account. When you go to see the locations in person, we will accompany you from the airport to your hotel and to the locations, with your personal location scout to answer any questions.

He speaks fluent German, Spanish and English, and there are no language barriers with the authorities, finca owners and locals. Take advantage of the film view of our scouts, who have already prepared several productions and know the island very well.

We tell you the advantages and possible disadvantages of each location, find locations according to the specifications of your script and coordinate the conditions on location in consultation with the director and set designer.


The services of the location scouts also include:

  • Selection of the location according to dramaturgical and organisational requirements
  • Documentation of possible filming locations with videos and photos
  • Review potential difficulty factors
  • Preliminary enquiry for filming permits with motif providers, authorities, residents and neighbours
  • Documentation of local infrastructure: access roads, parking facilities, emergency exits, electricity and water
  • Organisation of the location visit for your crew (director, set designer and cameraman)

Once the director has approved the location, the production manager takes over the further organisation on the set.

Location Beach Mallorca from Scout

Es Caragol beach, Santanyi municipality, Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

Project-related search for locations

You have a relatively “finished” script and now need a tailor-made location on Mallorca? Have your set designer and director discuss the project with our location scout. He can make suggestions for suitable locations and at the same time research on site how your project can be realised. He eliminates organisational and technical difficulties, takes into account official requirements and wishes of motif providers as well as necessary circumstances regarding the location. Some locations are best suited at certain times of the day or year, while others require negotiation around the location. Sometimes there are alternatives to a desired filming location, but sometimes there are not. In these cases, our location scout organises all the necessary conditions for your project from A to Z. In addition, we constantly conduct a location search independent of the project. You therefore draw from our huge pool of interesting locations on Mallorca, which provide you with one or the other exotic background. This also enriches your crew with new ideas for the planned movie. Are you looking for a location for underwater shots, shoots along the coast, in dreamlike mountain landscapes with a view over the sea? At the same time, would you like to shoot in original Mallorcan villages, against a historical backdrop, in small old town centres? These locations are known to our location scouts, who will also provide you with an extras series on request. We obtain the filming permits in good time before the start of your shoot; allow around eight to ten days for this on the Balearic Islands. It is not recommended to shoot without permission! Although there are several locations where every shoot could be done “off the cuff” without any problems, only insiders know about them. In nature reserves and in many exposed places, the permits are indispensable. Let our location scouts advise you comprehensively in this regard as well.